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The following workshops will be held throughout the training programme:

  1. Leadership and teamwork
  2. Business plan
  3. Creativity
  4. Personal Branding



Teamwork workshop

This workshop will be given by José Ballesteros and Lolo Sainz. In it, the basic features any human group needs to develop to become a team will be examined, as well as what it needs to become a successful team.
This workshop will involve the active participation of those attending, the first-hand experience of a renowned coach at national and international level, and active moderation. In this way, participants will be able to experience how a successful team is built, where interaction among all its members is rather more than a purely arithmetic sum of members.

Personal Branding Workshop

In this Personal Branding workshop (Strategies for personal and professional positioning), Andrés Pérez, personal branding consultant, and a pioneer and leading expert on these issues in Spain, will talk about some of the aims he will try to achieve with this workshop. These include: to learn how to develop a strategy for professional and personal positioning, to increase the possibilities of becoming the main option, and to think like professionals in terms of a company/product/brand that provides services to others.

This workshop will include exercises aimed at finding a Personal Brand, using specific examples and cases, as well as debates and ongoing dialogue between the speaker and participants.

Business Plan Workshop

This session, delivered by Inazio Irizar, takes an essentially practical approach to the main components of a Business Plan, based on benchmarking exercises using real-life cases of important companies.

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Workshop on Creativity

This workshop by Roberto Bolullo will be mainly focused on an experience-based methodology in order to: help participants to see and understand creativity as an attitude that must be applied to any daily event; provide participants with a process, techniques and practical experience on how to act in creative ways; boost the inner creator in each participant, and become aware of and increase some of the creative capacities of individuals.

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