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Deusto Foundation, through the Ingenio Programme, has launched the third ideas generation competition called "Ingeniando", targeted at all the university community at the Bilbao campus, University of Deusto (UD). The aim is to foster and promote different activities, projects and actions that may contribute to innovation at UD.


The aim of this competition is to award the best and most original, creative and innovative initiatives that may help to improve the UD in any of the specific areas in this competition.


We welcome entries from any member of UD’s university community (students, academic staff and non-academic staff). Entries must be submitted in the manner and time required, in accordance with the conditions of entry.

This competition is only open to UD students who are currently enrolled on any of the courses at this university.

Only one entry per participant is allowed.

The persons responsible for the Ingenio Programme, and those who already obtained a prize in last year’s competition will not be allowed to enter this competition.


Submitted entries can consist of any type of idea or project that may help to improve the UD in any of the following areas:

A.Recruitment, enrolment and follow-up of prospective, former and Erasmus students.
B.Teaching: teaching-learning methods, assessment systems, syllabuses, etc.
C.Research: projects, research lines and teams, etc.
D.Communication and marketing: products, UD social image, merchandising, etc.
E.Human Resource Management.

a.Secretariat: admissions, student enrolments, transcripts, etc.
b.Accommodation, scholarships/university grants, pastoral service.
c.Sports and social and cultural activities.
d.Student guidance and social assistance.
e.Library and general archive.

G.Infrastructures: accessibility and other uses.
H.Other areas to be specified by participants.

Entries must be submitted according to the following format:

2.Area and/or sub-area in which the proposal is submitted.
3.Author and/or authors (name and two surnames, telephone number, email address, course they are enrolled on, service and/or centre they belong to).
4.Entries must include a detailed description of no more than 10 pages, which must contain the following information:

b.Centre/s (Faculty/ies and department/s) / area/s and/or service/s involved.
c.Idea development plan.
d.Economic and human resources that are needed for its development.
e.Required infrastructure for its implementation.
f.Execution or implementation schedule.
g.Expected improvements after its implementation.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be taken into account in the assessment of the proposals:

•Originality and creativity.
•Social, technical and economic feasibility of the initiative.
•Immediacy of application.
•Long-term sustainability.
•Coherence between the proposed aim and the submitted development plan.
•Optimisation of the existing resources.
•Its contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the university community.

Panel of judges

The Panel of judges will be made up of five members, appointed by the persons responsible for the Ingenio Programme. The Programme’s director will act as Chairman.

Decisions will be made by a simple majority of the members. In the event of a tie, the Chairman will have the casting vote.

The Panel may require further clarification from participants on the submitted proposals.

Intellectual property rights

All entrants relinquish any intellectual property or other rights in regard to the submitted proposals.


Awards include:

First Prize: 1 MacBook Air (13 inch LED backlit widescreen notebook).
Second Prize: 1 MacBook Pro (13 inch LED backlit widescreen notebook).
Runners-up: 1 netbook.

Any of the prizes may be declared void if, in the Judges’ opinion, no submission meets the required standard, as laid down in the competition rules.

The prize will be awarded to the Individual or Group concerned, but it is at the discretion of the authors to divide it among group members.

The Panel’s decision and awards presentation

The competition winners will be announced in June 2010. Prizes will be presented at an award ceremony during the presentation of the fourth Ingenio programme in September or October 2010. Competition winners must attend the award ceremony to receive their prize.

Deadlines for submission of proposals

Proposals may be submitted in one of the following ways:

•Through the Ingenio Programme’s web page at: www.ingenio.deusto.es
•To Deusto Foundation’s secretariat, located on the first floor of the glass building at the University of Deusto, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 13:15 pm, and from 16:00 pm to 18:15 pm (Contact person: Inge Zabaleta)
•By post, at the following address:

Fundación Deusto
Ref.: Concurso “Ingeniando”
Avda. de las Universidades, 24
48007 Bilbao. Bizkaia

The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2010, at 18:00 pm.

Further information: www.ingenio.deusto.es / Tel: 944 139 387 (Inge Zabaleta)

Fundación Deusto
Programa Ingenio