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The following workshops will be held throughout the training programme:

1.Creativity Workshop
2.Teamwork Workshop
3.Self-Motivation Workshop
4.Innovation Workshop
5.Personal Branding Workshop
6.Business Plan workshop

Creativity Workshop

This workshop by Roberto Bolullo will be mainly focused on an experience-based methodology in order to: help participants to see and understand creativity as an attitude that must be applied to any daily event; provide participants with a process, techniques and practical experience on how to act in creative ways; boost the inner creator in each participant, and become aware of and increase some of the creative capacities of individuals.

Workshop: ‘Pre-Feasibility Study’

Jesús Romeo Martínez will give a workshop on how to carry out a pre-feasibility study of our business opportunity.
Jesús Romeo Martínez holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Deusto (ESTE). He also holds an MA in Cooperative Business Management. He is managing partner of A+G Consultores de Gestión, and co-author of the research projects, Gestión de la Innovación y Reingeniería de la Gestión en Pymes y Micropyme at a+g company, management consultants.

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Reference works

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  2. Ruiz de Arbulo, P y Muñoz, M.I. (2007)

Teamwork workshop

This workshop, which will be given by José Ballesteros, will focus on the basic features any human group needs to develop to become a team, and on what it needs to become a successful team.
Participants will be able to experience how a successful team is built, where interaction among all its members is rather more than a purely arithmetic sum of members. This session will require active motivation and the active participation of those attending the workshop.

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Self-Motivation Workshop

This session will be given by José Ballesteros, where he will examine motivation and the keys to it. And we will learn that we may have a high level of personal and professional motivation throughout our lifetime.
Participants will be able to experience how to develop self-motivation through a number of theoretical-practical approaches, personal reflection techniques, and through real-life examples based on their personal and professional experience in the business world and life in general.

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Innovation Workshop

This workshop will be given by Josep Lluís Sánchez, from Infonomía, and it will focus on a such a fashionable concept now as that of “innovation”, but that is used in very different ways.

During this first workshop session, and through active participation, Josep Lluís will examine the world of innovation, and will show us how it has much to do with an attitude and with a way of interpreting reality.

During the second session, he will focus on the development of a value proposal, and will also use a practical approach and an analytical and creative perspective to explore all the elements that comprise it: needs, approach, benefits and competence.

Workshop Session 1

Workshop Session 2

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