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Deusto Foundation, through the Ingenio Programme, has launched the first ideas generation competition called “Ingeniando” (Thinking up), targeted at all the university community at the University of Deusto (UD). The aim is to foster and promote different activities, projects and actions that may contribute to innovation at UD.


The aim of this competition is to award the best and most original, creative and innovative initiatives that may help to improve the UD in any of the specific areas in this competition.


We welcome entries from any member of the UD university community (students, academic staff and non-academic staff). Entries must be submitted in the manner and time required, in accordance with the conditions of entry.

This competition is only open to UD students who are currently enrolled on any of the courses at this university.
Entries can be submitted individually or in pairs. Only one entry per participant is allowed.
The members of the Ingenio Programme will not be allowed to take part in the competition.


Submitted entries can consist of any type of idea or project that may help to improve the UD in any of the following areas:

A. Recruitment, enrolment and follow-up of prospective, former and Erasmus students.
B. Teaching: teaching-learning methods, assessment systems, syllabuses, etc.
C. Research: projects, research lines and teams, etc.
D. Communication and marketing: products, UD social image, merchandising, etc.
E. Human Resource Management
F. Services:
    a. Secretariat: admissions, student enrolments, transcripts, etc.
    b. Accommodation, scholarships/university grants, pastoral service
    c. Sports and social and cultural activities
    d. Student guidance and social assistance
    e. Library and general archive

G.Infrastructures: accessibility and other uses.
H.Other areas to be specified by participants.

Fundación Deusto
Programa Ingenio