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Innovation Observatory of Bizkaia

This is the portal of the innovation observatory of Bizkaia. It is an initiative promoted by the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, the Agency for Innovation of Bizkaia, and the Regional Council of Bizkaia. It offers information on innovation in this province: Innovations of interest, tendencies, indicators…

Agency for Innovation: Regional Council ofDiputación Foral de Bizkaia

BAI portal, Agency for Innovation of Bizkaia. Its main aim is to promote innovation in companies in Bizkaia.

Euskadi+Innova: The Basque Country Innovation Portal

The Basque Country innovation portal. It includes useful information and services for the Basque society and for companies, and a network of actors that support the initiatives promoted by the governement.


Innobasque, the Basque Agency for Innovation, is a private, non-profit association created to coordinate and promote innovation across all spheres of activity in the Basque Country as well as to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Bizkaia Emprende

This innovative initiative seeks to provide support to enterprising individuals for business creation in Bizkaia.


INNoVaNDis project blog for cooperation between Deusto Foundation and Companies (Bankinter Foundation for Innovation and Ibermatica Institute for Innovation). It seeks to provide a forum for discussion and reflection upon the different aspects regarding innovation.

Emprendedor XXI

Emprendedor XXI Programme Portal is promoted by La Caixa. It is designed to encourage and support the enterprising spirit and the creation of innovative companies in Spain. 

Directorate-General for SME Policy

The Directorate-General for SMEs Portal. It seeks to support enterprising initiatives, R&D&i and SMEs projects

madrid+d Technology-based entrepreneur office

madrid+d. The Technology-Based Entrepreneur Office Portal. Its aim is to promote the creation of technology-based companies based on the exploitation of research outcomes, mainly carried out by universities and research centres in the Community of Madrid.

Meeting point for spanish-speaking entreprenurs

Spanish-speaking portal promoted by entrepreneurial communities. It contains very useful and motivating publications.

FUTURIDEAS: European Business and Innovation Centre in Navarre

The European Business and Innovation Centre in Navarre (CEIN) is an instrument promoted by the Government of Navarre, targeted at SMEs and entrepreneurs. It seeks to consolidate and diversify the industrial and economic fabric through the promotion of the enterprising spirit and innovation.

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